Spring Do’s and Dont’s, Check list for Maintenance

There are some maintenance items you should perform through out the year. The spring is a good time to check out your house’s exterior. Here is a list of items that you should check every spring.

First and most important

By this time you should have already changed your smoke detector batteries. They should be changed twice a year, once in the spring when the clocks change and then also when the clocks change in the fall. They all take 9 volt batteries and it is a small investment that saves lives, I usually save the batteries for the kids toys. They normally have a little life left in them but not enough for the smoke detector.

  1. You should clean your gutters, even if you cleaned them in the fall they will have debris in them from the new growth on the trees. Pine trees are famous for dropping there needles through the winter and spring and clogging the gutters. Cherry and maple trees drop seeds and flower stems that fill the gutters. While you are up there you should check to make sure they are attached securely.
  2. You should inspect your deck to make sure the it is securely attached to the house. Also, check the railings, they should not be loose.There should not be any loose boards or warped boards sticking up that could trip someone. Also look for loose nails, cracked boards, checking, splintering and algae. Algae, the green stuff that grows on your deck, can be slippery and cause a nasty fall.
  3. Check for loose shingles, siding, fascia and soffit. These items can blow off during the winter months and go unnoticed, because we are hiding from the cold. When they come loose you can have leaking that you may not know about and can cause thousands of dollars of damage if not repaired.

At BH Building Service, Inc. we specialize in all forms of home repairs and remodeling. We often inspect homes in the spring and find items that homeowners miss. The reason we see the items is that we have years of experience and some items may look fine to the untrained eye but, we can spot hidden damage that you may not see.

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Call us for an inspection of your home, it will give you peace of mind, knowing that you don’t have any damage from Old Man Winter.

Brian Hastings, President
BH Building Service, Inc.
Bel Air, MD