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Carpentry dates back to around 5,000 BC and is one of the fundamental

trades in which our society is rooted.  Without carpentry we would not have the homes we live in or the stores we shop in.  In fact, the boat building principles we have today were discovered and perfected in the creation of wooden boats.  Wine and whiskey barrels are built by carpenters traditionally called "Coopers". Old English called called a maker or builder a "wright", you could be a treewright, woodwright, boatwright or a furniturewright.  The English derived the word carpenter from the French word carpentier.

Traditionally, carpentry is handed down father to son, so until recent years there were no schools.  before founding BH Building Service, I grew up working with my father and my grandfather just like my father did with his father and grandfather back five generations.  There are a few types of carpentry in the building trades, framing, finish or trim, and cabinetry are the most commonly known.  Although, there are many skills that carpenters perform which do not involve wood, like roofing, vinyl siding, flooring, tiling and cement.  In the modern day, carpentry has become a generic term to include all of these skills to varying levels, of which modern carpenters need to continually hone their skills to keep up with the ever changing materials and trends.

Five Generations of Carpentry Tools From My Forefathers



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