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"From the time I was five years old I worked with my Father and Grandfather.  I would hear stories about how they worked with their Father and Grandfather, back Five Generations.  How, they used to build things, back in the day, how some changes have improved the building industry while other changes have degraded its quality.  Now I tell these long told generational stories to my children and anyone who will listen, frankly. Of course I have to add a few of my own.  It is through these stories that we learn high standards and about the mistakes of others, how to treat people and how not to treat people.  By these stories we pass along the wisdom of ages.  It is from the stories that I learned to combine 'Old World Craftsmanship' and 'Modern Technology' to produce the high quality 'Modern Craftsmanship' that our customers love."


Brian Hastings, President

BH Building Service

Young Boston Fear Picture.jpg
My Great-Great Grandfather
Boston Fear
Baltimore Developer



We are a family owned and operated company, a small business that enjoys working with our community.  We are not a big box store or a national chain.  Just like you we live or die by local trends, so if there is a local dealer who has the products we need, we will shop there first.

Remodeling and Home Improvements are our passion. Satisfying customers is a way of life at BH Building Service. We have listened to you over the years. You want someone to work in your home that cares about you and your family, someone who cares about local issues and someone who gives back to the community you live in.  Well, that is us, we don't want to be a big multi state company.  We don't even want to work in the entire State of Maryland.  We are located in Bel Air, MD and have around a 20 mile radius we try to stay in so we can better serve our customers.  The Romans learned the hard way, that they could not control too much territory.  We learned from history not to do what the Romans did.


Protecting You
Basic Policies

We are licensed through the Maryland Home Improvement Commission and Our License Number is, MHIC 89116.

We are Insured as required by the MHIC.

We have a drug free environment.

-  Employees are tested before hiring.

-  If we suspect an employee is using drugs, that employee will        be tested.

We Perform background checks before hiring.

Employees take an "Aptitude Test" during the hiring process.

-  This test is not PASS/FAIL.

-  It is designed to access Strengths, Weaknesses and skill              level, Beginner vs. Expert

-  Some of the questions are designed to see if the candidate          fits our work culture and ethic.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer

What does all of this mean?

The people we hire will be in your home and around your family, we understand this, they will also be in our home and around our family. Therefore, if we wouldn't want them around our family we won't place them around your family.

Mission Statement

Provide a pleasant customer experience while performing high quality remodeling and repairs.

Improve industry standard by educating our customers as well as others in our sphere of influence. So, they can spot the difference between fly-by-nighters who will take their money and run, substandard contractors who will cut corners to do the work cheaper and the True Quality Contractor they can rely on to provide High Standard of Services at a reasonable price, like BH Building Service.

Be the leader in Realtor Services in our area.  Set the standard for Realtor Services and educate our community, realtors and lender on how this process can benefit them.

About Our Customers

Our customers are our greatest assets and we are truly grateful for every one of you!

As our customer you define who we are, by demanding high moral standards, ethical work practices and high industry standards.  Our customers are very diverse they are mailmen, bank tellers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, investors, insurance agents, car salesmen, magazine editors, policemen, firemen, preachers, teachers, realtors, lenders, underwriters, accountants, title agents, mechanics, plumbers, electricians, home school moms, military and government workers.  The list goes on and on, we have worked with first time home buyers and young couples, Retirees, and seasoned property investors who remodel and resell homes.

If YOU want high quality work at a reasonable price YOU are our customer.

MHIC 89116
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